Resiliency is a natural outcome when we have access to and can stay present through all stages of stress activation (with an appropriate level of response equal to the level of threat) and then return to harmony. Trauma can occur when nervous system is overwhelmed by survival energy and can significantly reduce its capacity. 

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Trauma and our hustle society can both create chronic nervous system dysregulation and patterns of disconnection from our body, emotions and spirit. Creating safe organizations within society is essential to end systemic trauma that has become an epidemic. Education and skill building is vital to helping people recover from trauma, nervous system dysregulation or chronic stress. Acupuncture and/or cranio sacral therapy can support regulation so people can more successfully implement the knowledge and skills needed to become more active in their own healing. These programs combine education, somatic experiencing and acupuncture with a taste of other nervous system regulating modalities to maximize healing and help people explore the question “what helps my unique nervous system find increased regulation?”. I would love to work with you to bring these programs to your organization, business or community. Acupuncture can be part of your management strategy or it can be part of a transformational process. These program are designed to be the latter.   

Some of the proven impacts of acupuncture include:

* Modulates brain activity

* Calms hyperactive areas

* Improves connectivity & neurotransmitters

* Regulates the nervous system & improves vagal tone

* Regulates immune system

* Regulates endocrine system

* Improves neuroception & pro-social behavior

Neuroception, our felt sense of safety, (that is beyond conscious control) is what generates perceptions, thoughts, emotions and behaviour. This, with the loss of nervous system capacity that occurs with trauma create a viscous mind-body feedback loop. We can attempt to control this with sheer will but even if we have that capacity it does not fix the incomplete charge(s) in our nervous system and leads to a loss of vital parts of ourselves. This creates perpetual mental or physical health challenges aka disharmonies in Chinese Medicine.

My goal is to empower. I Am Spirit, Healing Vortex 101, and Brave Heart does just that. Operating in safe trauma informed ways is my highest priority. People vary hugely in their self refection capabilities and body awareness. The foundations taught in one the core programs (I Am Spirit, Brave Heart and Healing Vortex 101) foster the development of the mindfulness skills and understanding needed to do the deeper work in Return To Flow and Nurture. As such I Am Spirit, Brave Heart or Healing Vortex 101 is a pre-requisite for Return to Flow or Nurture. 

Return To Flow is based on Dr Gordon Neufeld’s Frustration Cycle (used with permission) through a Chinese Medicine lens. It provides the opportunity to start to remove the blockages and qi and blood stagnation that occur with trauma, childhood adversity or generational trauma, including powerlessness, shame, fear of vulnerability. anger/rage. We will also be growing the capacity of the nervous system to sit with uncomfortable sensations while nourishing yin (rest & resource) to help us anchor the yang (sympathetic/stress)

Nurture’s goal is to create a somatic senses of basic human needs that may not have had a chance to develop due to childhood adversity or generational trauma. We then uses these nervous system picture to anchor and grow the capacity of the nervous system as we process old survival energy.

All our programs are a bridge of three ways of knowing; scientific lenses, indigenous ways of knowing, and traditional Chinese medicine. All programs are somatic not cognitive based programs. However, we will develop skills that may support the more cognitive approaches often found in allopathic mental health. Some participants may benefit by combining this body based program with psychotherapy.