Pregnancy & Birth Support

A woman is never the same again once she has experienced the creation of life inside her.  Pregnancy and birth should be an exciting time for everyone involved, although this is not always the case. For various reasons pregnancy can feel out of control, scary and full of uncertainty.  We may want to disconnect from or even resent the life inside. The body undergoes rapid growth and change that for some feels uncomfortable and foreign. It doesn’t have to be like that. 

I believe that pregnancy and birth can be a time of peaceful reflection and healing. No matter our previous experience with pregnancy, birth, miscarriage, stillbirth, abortions, traumatic birth, abuse or disappointing outcomes, we can release old tensions and energies that are no longer serving the body. We can release restrictions and support the physical changes so we are more comfortable, and the body can do what it is designed to do with fewer barriers. Birth is such a transformative experience.  It goes so much smoother when we are in a calm and supported state.

The energy of our pregnancy and birth experience goes on to affect the perceptions of ourselves and our relationships with our baby. A healthy attachment begins long before birth although it’s never too late to form or heal that connection. I enjoy working with couples and families for this reason. In the case of adoption and surrogacy, cranio sacral therapy could be beneficial in transfer of attachment. It is my privilege to facilitate the best possible pregnancy and birth no matter your story.

Treatment schedules can be customized to your goals. Cranio sacral therapy is gentle and safe and can be therapeutic at any point from preconception through pregnancy and birth to postpartum. Book an appointment with me to discuss your needs and vision for your pregnancy & birth.

Upcoming Retreats

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Supporting Mothers

I believe that supporting mothers should be one of society’s highest priorities. Regulating the nervous system is extremely important for everyone but especially so during pregnancy. Given the anxiety and financial strain of the last few years we are hoping to provide some extra support to pregnant mothers. My personal tips from my clinical practice are set into a separate account to provide treatments for pregnant women who would benefit from that additional support but lack the means or benefits. 
I would like to be able to open up retreat spots at a significant discount to those who would not be able to attend otherwise. If you can, please consider donating to our scholarship fund. Your donation is greatly appreciated and will benefit someone in need and their baby. Funds will always go towards providing acupunture/cranio sacral therapy to pregnant and postpartum mothers with a focus on those struggling with mental health issues. Please share this link. Together we are stronger, together we can make a difference one family at a time.