Acupuncture: An Integrative Approach to Improve Mental Health, Emotional Regulation, Cognitive Function, & Pro-Sociality
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Resiliency Project Paper
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      1. ACE Questionnaire
      2. The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study
      3. Summary of Yoga on Mental and Physical Health
      4. Drumming impact on Mental health, Resilience, and inflammatory Immune Response
      5. Reduction in Pain Medication Prescriptions Associated with Acupuncture in Military
      6. Integrative Health in the Veteran’s Health
      7. Mental Health-Related Disability During the Pandemic

As you are aware, the mental health crisis is overwhelming. People are at or past their breaking point. Most profoundly, systemically our ability to feel safe in society has been eroded, with anxiety at an all-time high. With the healthcare system bursting at the seams, utilizing effective alternatives has become increasingly important. Acupuncture has a role to play in this crisis.

As an acupuncturist and cranio sacral practitioner, there is work I can only do on a one-on-one basis, however, I have been working with a powerful community-based model that can be effective for mental health or even chronic pain management. Acupuncturist Without Borders utilizes a community-based trauma response successfully. In an even more supportive model, as a healthcare provider, I seek to create safe healing bubbles within communities. My treatments, together, with yoga, meditation, and sound healing and other somatic practices empower people with the tools and supportive practice space to regulate their nervous systems more effectively. As we heal together, these community havens can become the space where safety can be re-established and trust rebuilt.

Please allow me to show you a model that puts current scientific understanding into practice, and why doing so is so vital. This model could easily be integrated as a sliding scale, cost-shared publicly funded healthcare treatment. This project seeks to identify and support those who are most at risk of or are already putting the greatest demand on the healthcare system. As this model is adopted on a larger scale it will act as a means of easing the demand on Alberta’s healthcare system, judicial system, law enforcement and social systems. . More importantly, it will have a profound effect on individuals and families. Funding this as a pilot project will demonstrate that treatment can be cost-effective and show the importance of moving towards a more proactive and integrative healthcare system.