Registered Highland Cows

What would a shire be with out Highland cows. Highland cows originate in the Scottish Highlands. Their well insulated coats not only make them well suited for Alberta’s winters, it also means they contains 40% less cholesterol that is perfectly marbled. This prized meat is high in protein and iron and is so flavorful! But we love them because… well look at that cute little nose poking out from under those awesome bangs. And we have to mention those magnificent set of horns. How can you not love them?!!


We also currently have a small flock of Romanov, Rambouilet and Finn sheep. We do our best to keep large litters of lambs with mom and supplement them with bottles. If a lamb is rejected or unwell they either become part of the family while we nurse it back to health or we find him/her a home that is able to give it all the love it needs.  Our cows and lambs are grass fed and finished with the occasional treat.

Contact us at 587-336-4681 or for current availability of registered highland cows or lambs for breeding stock or lawnmowers or bottle babies.