Miniture Horses

Healing Shire Equine Facilitated Wellness
Getting horses has been the fulfilment of a lifetime dream for me.  Horse blood runs deep in my veins and has even deeper roots in my family tree.  I was born in the year of the horse after all, just as my mom and my grandpa were…and youngest sister, and two of my children. Horse are seriously a thing. So training in Equine Facilitated Wellness was a natural step in combining my love of horses with my love of healing.  My education that is still progressing is rooted in the teaching of Dr. Gordon Neufeld’s developmental and attachment psychology.  It explores multiple approaches and philosophy of working with horses.  The foremost being that horses are sentient beings.
Just like people, horse have a story.  Even when we don’t know the details they somehow find a way to share it with us.  Their wisdom, peace and pain illuminates our own, often simultaneously.  They can create space for us to be with all that is.  Horses are powerful medicine. 
I hope you will get the chance to meet my beautiful herd of miniature horses and experience their beautiful healing presence.  Each one is unique.  When we take the time to truly be with a horse they share their souls us.  Some equine facilitated wellness workers are psychologist, this is not my title or my goal.  What we offer here is an experiential, interactive and integrative  approach to healing.  It is meant to be an adjunct to the allopathy you may already be accessing.  Now let me introduce you to my beautiful horses…

Hey Bay Be (Bailey) – 12 Years Old

Corona – 7 Years Old

Cocoa, our Eeyore – 26 Years Old (Approx)

Sadly Cocoa had a hard winter and has now gone to warmer pastures. I’m sure Landon (our oldest son) is happy to have his little buddy on the other side.