When the vision of the Four Winds of Healing and Northern Shire came to me, I wanted to build a place that could support individual, couples and families through the transitions of life.  This is where we usually get stuck… the births, the deaths, the ending of relationships, the stuff that comes up as we step into new relationships, and the movement from phase to phase within relationships.  We have built a society that keeps us so busy that we loose touch with ourselves, and the stillness we all need to process life’s challenges.  Our collective stress and trauma keeps us from reaching out and from reaching within.   As a result we suffer, and in turn our relationships suffer.  We can only connect with others as deeply as we’ve met ourselves.

Northern Shire is a place away from the hustle to connect deeply with the parts of yourself you may have lost touch with or perhaps exiled to the deepest of dungeons.  Four Winds of Healing of the Northern Shire is a place of acceptance, learning and healing. It is a place of safety and refuge, a place to fortify yourself. It is a place to develop and strengthen new skills so you can step back into the world a little more connected, a little more whole, a little more compassionate, a little more grounded and a little more real.  It is a place to play, relax and dream.

Although all are welcome, my passion is for working with individuals and families that are trying to end the patterns of trans-generational trauma, or trying to heal from developmental trauma and attachment issues.  I especially love supporting women through pregnancy.  I believe this is a powerful time to influence change and a vital time to support families. There is no one way to heal, although bodywork can be the grace needed to make an almost impossible task possible and dare I say beautiful.  I don’t pretend to have all the answers.  As Brene Brown would say “I’m in the trenches with you” but through my own journey and education, I like to think I’ve learned a few things about the resiliency of the human spirit.  I trust the healing process and I have faith in you, that you will find your own.

I believe there is ALWAYS hope.
I believe in Empowerment.
I believe in Grace.
I believe in Integrity.
I believe there is Purpose.
I believe EVERYTHING is an Opportunity.

I believe in HEALING!!!

I have a passion for using imagery and symbolism in healing.  This is only one tool of many.  It is a beautiful and gentle way to face our fears and conquer our demons.  It is also the language of the soul.  In the end I am only a facilitator.  Healing here is always guided by your inner wisdom and at your own pace.  I hope I will have the privilege to hold space for you as you begin or continue your journey into the beautiful world of the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Gold In the Shadows

There is a space where mind body and spirit meet. In this vast space is a beautiful landscape, always in flux, never still but full of stillness.  A land of mystery lost in symbols waiting to be discovered.  Where time stands still, where yesterday and today are one, and both can be unwoven.  For in this place the dreams of tomorrow are found.  It is a place of total silence where every particle longs to be heard, and will speak to any brave enough to enter.  It is a land of pure truth and pure dilution twisted together as one.  It speaks of battles lost, of courage found and the hope of a rebuild.  It speaks of despair and hope, of chaos and total purpose misunderstood,  of betrayal and trust, of confusion and clarity yet to come.  This land is now the playground of an explorer and curious wonderer too weary for the journey.  The heaviness of ions weights down, my feet drag through a sludge so thick but we cannot stop.  I am not alone, for in me is the strength generations. The call of thousands pushes me on.  So once again I enter this land of shadows, wondering what gold is to be found this time?

– Lianne White

Not everyone is meant to heal on all levels in this life.  Regardless of our individual missions, I believe we are all meant to heal on some, if not many levels.  We can often heal deeper than we believe if we don’t placing limits on what is possible.  I invite you to step into the uncertainty where anything is possible.